The Spector Building is one of the rare office buildings in Sarasota that has covered parking. When you choose to rent one of the available office suites, you are saving your clients the hassle and annoyance of walking in the Florida heat just to see you at your office.

The simple decision to rent an office space in Sarasota with covered parking can elevate your business in the mind of your customer. We’ve had many tenants tell us their customers really appreciate being able to park their car at the Spector Building. Why? For these customers, it helps to know that after their appointment, they won’t be stepping into a car as hot as a furnace. That feeling of comfort is what makes leasing an office here an easy decision.

Handicapped spaces are also available.

Keep you & your clients cool, comfortable & in the right frame of mind to do business. Rent commercial office space at the Spector Building in downtown Sarasota.

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